Brickwork, drywalling and iron works

KAMA Costruzioni di Mauro Capocci is a company that operates in civil constructions, specialising in indoor and outdoor renovations for public and private works.

  • Construction and renovation of buildings
  • Metal structure works: coatings, slabs, open galleries, stairs, ecc.
  • Drywalling for walls and counter-walls, ceilings and false ceilings

It only uses qualified personnel with many years of experience in the field and chosen high quality level materials to guarantee a perfect final result and the care for even the smallest detail.

Renovation of facades

The company also deals with the renovation of facades of both public and private buildings trying to recreate, through stratigraphies, the finishings of the original facades on historic buildings.

The company makes a careful analysis of the state of the plasters and advises on the most a dapt cicle of painting even on facades that aren’t of historic/artistic interest.

Electric, water and air conditioning systems

Our company plans and makes complete renovations through the creation and/or bringing to compliance technologically advanced electric, water and air conditioning systems (like home automation, VRF, ecc.) capable of inserting themselves perfectly in the existing architectonic context.


KAMA Costruzioni also deals with the application of flooring of various kinds, usually as part of a more ample renovation project, but not only.

The qualified staff will advise you on the best kind of flooring for your needs: marble, ceramic, cotto and hardwood floorings, to confer elegance and brilliance to your rooms.

It only uses selected and first class materials.