Property renovations

KA.MA. COSTRUZIONI deals with indoor and outdoor property renovations: structural works, brickwork, drywalling and iron works, water, electricity and air conditioning systems, civil and industrial flooring, substitution of fixtures and quality finishings.



KA.MA. COSTRUZIONI can do civil and industrial painting. It is also specialised in indoor and outdoor decorations, in particular plastering and in the salvage of historic and prestigious buildings be they private homes, estates belonging to the public and large or small hotels. The materials used are those of the classical Italian decorative painting tradition: lime, natural and mineral colours, egg and oil tempera.

About us

KAMA Costruzioni di Mauro Capocci is a company that operates in the civil construction industry, specialised in the renovation of both public and private buildings.

The company specifically deals in indoor and outdoor renovations: from structural works and all kinds of finishings to decorations. Besides, it can build electric, thermal and water systems with all the relative certifications in the full respect of norms in force.

The principal aim of the company, since the beginning, is to by maintaining a continuous dialogue and particular attention to the client’s requests. We guarantee maximum professionalism, organisation, reliability, quality and cleanliness in all our work.

The company avails itself of qualified personnel with many years of experience in the field and constant formation on new technologies, products and work techniques.

The use of accurately chosen materials with a high quality standard guarantees the perfect final result and the care of the smallest details.

Particular attention is given to occupational safety in respect to the laws in force and to the protection of workers in working places.

KAMA Costruzioni is, therefore, able to offer a vast array of services to the client, among which:

  • brickwork
  • marble, ceramic, cotto and hardwood flooring
  • drywalling
  • decorations and painting
  • industrial painting
  • thermal insulation coatings
  • substitution of fixtures
  • realisation of civil and industrial systems
  • constructing new buildings

The company has also adopted a Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard for the "Maintenance of civil buildings" activity. He is also in possession of the qualification certificate for the execution of public works for the OG1 category, ranking IV bis,
issued by the Soa Consult Company. Spa.

Those who chose us

In time we have matured so much experience as to become leaders in the field of civil and industrial renovations. For this reason, always more companies ask for our intervention for maintenance, painting, decorations, realisation of systems and improvement works. Among which:

  • PagineSì S.p.a.: “Restoration and Conservative Redevelopment” works of the whole Building former seat of the Central Terni Post Office, made by Arch. Cesare Bazzani.
  • Costa d'Oro S.p.a.: painting of the industrial plant.
  • Isolma S.r.l.: drywalling works in their warehouses.
  • Terni Town Hall: improvement works in the Secci Theatre, former Siri area.
  • Terni Chamber of Commerce: ordinary maintenance works.

And many other prestigious references in the civil and industrial construction field.