Paintings for civil buildings

KAMA Costruzioni does painting works, both indoors and outdoors, for civil and industrial buildings.

Painting is an integrated part of a renovation project whose aim is not only aesthetic but also and above all protective. A well-executed painting job is decisive and confers properties such as: resistance to atmospheric agents, resistance to dirt, impermeability and breathability to the building. The painting also represents an essential element to define the style of the home. It is therefore necessary that it harmonises with the architecture of the environment and with the design of the furniture, adapting itself to any style, both classic and modern.

The experience in this sector enables us to always choose the most adapt kind of paint for every building or architectural environment, using only high quality paints, non-toxic and in compliance to European standards.

Our works


KA.MA is specialised in indoor and outdoor decorations, in particular plaster works and the reclamation of historic and trophy buildings, for private homes and for public buildings and for big or small hotels.

The materials used are the classical traditional ones for Italian decorative painting: lime, mineral and natural colours, natural binders, egg and oil based temperas.


  • a fresco painting, even on light supports for out of service works
  • marbleisation
  • hand painted wall papering
  • personalisation and execution of projects
  • grisaille
  • gilding and silver plating
  • egg based tempera on wood

Industrial painting

KA.MA COSTRUZIONI is able to offer:

  • painting and coating of industrial plants
  • resin coatings
  • protection through metallisation
  • painting and coating for buildings
  • building renovations and redevelopment of concrete structures
  • application of intumescent and elastomeric coatings